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AMD Ryzen Threadripper PRO 3995WX, TRAY, soc. sWRX8, 280W, without FAN

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Warranty: 12 Months

The AMD Ryzen Threadripper PRO 3995WX redefines desktop computing with its formidable specifications. Featuring 64 cores and 128 threads, with a base frequency of 2.7 GHz (boosting up to 4.2 GHz), it offers unparalleled processing power for demanding tasks. Built on the Zen 2 architecture and boasting advanced technologies such as Precision Boost 2 and Secure Memory Encryption, it ensures both performance and security. With support for up to 2TB of physical memory and DDR4-3200 memory, alongside integrated PCIe 4.0 interface and 128 lanes, it handles the most intensive workloads with ease. Equipped with low-power features like Pure Power and enhanced with Enhanced Virus Protection, the 3995WX is the ultimate solution for professional users seeking uncompromising performance and reliability.

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This product is non plug-and-play device would require you to go through several steps of installing or modifying the device before it would work. It could require some professional skills and tools.

Shipping from a warehouse in Europe, Slovakia.
Condition: Brand New

General Information

Type: CPU / Microprocessor
Market Segment: Desktop
Family: AMD Ryzen Threadripper PRO
Model Number: 3995WX
CPU Part Numbers: 100-100000087 (TRAY processor without fan and heatsink)
Frequency: 2.7 GHz / 2700 MHz
Maximum Turbo Frequency: 4.2 GHz / 4200 MHz
Socket: sWRX8

Architecture / Microarchitecture

Instruction Set: x86
Microarchitecture: Zen 2
Processor Core: Castle Peak
Manufacturing Process: o TSMC 0.007 micron FinFET process
CPUID: 830F10
Data Width: 64 bit
Number of CPU Cores: 64
Number of Threads: 128
Floating Point Unit: Integrated
Physical memory: 2TB


Level 1 Cache Size: 64 x 32 KB instruction caches, 64 x 32 KB data caches
Level 2 Cache Size: 64 x 512 KB
Level 3 Cache Size: 16 x 16 MB

Extensions & Technologies

  • MMX instructions
  • Extensions to MMX
  • SSE / Streaming SIMD Extensions
  • SSE2 / Streaming SIMD Extensions 2
  • SSE3 / Streaming SIMD Extensions 3
  • SSSE3 / Supplemental Streaming SIMD Extensions 3
  • SSE4 / SSE4.1 + SSE4.2 / Streaming SIMD Extensions 4
  • AES / Advanced Encryption Standard instructions
  • AVX / Advanced Vector Extensions
  • AVX2 / Advanced Vector Extensions 2.0
  • BMI / BMI1 + BMI2 / Bit Manipulation instructions
  • F16C / 16-bit Floating-Point conversion instructions
  • FMA3 / 3-operand Fused Multiply-Add instructions
  • SHA / Secure Hash Algorithm extensions
  • AMD64 / AMD 64-bit technology
  • AMD-V / AMD Virtualization technology
  • SMT / Simultaneous MultiThreading
  • Precision Boost 2

Security Features

  • EVP / Enhanced Virus Protection
  • Secure Memory Encryption

Low Power Features

  • Pure Power

Integrated Peripherals / Components

Memory controller: Memory channels (total): 8
Supported Memory: DDR4-3200
Other Peripherals:
– PCI-Express 4.0 interface (128 lanes)
– ECC supported: Yes

Electrical / Thermal Parameters

Maximum Operating Temperature: 90°C
Thermal Design Power: 280 Watt

Additional Notes

Part Number – 100-100000087


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